This story is about a Nation that has been called “The Golden bird” of the world not because of its economy but because of its legacy, The nation has faced so many challenges but even after various challenges, This Nation has proved that this Country is not just a place with borders like other countries but it posses the power of Unity and struggle of more than 200 years.

But as a law student I wanted to know what is the legal background of Independence of the India so I get to know about the “Indian Independence Act, 1947” so while researching it I went through the following questions:

  1. Who passed the India Independence Act, 1947?
  2. When it was passed?
  3. What was the reason behind this Law?
  4. What does it contains?
  5. What changes did this Law make?
  6. What is the Government of India Act, 1935?
  7. Role of Constitutional Assembly?

India achieved its independence on 15 August 1947, British parliament passed the Act and received assent from the Crown on 18th July 1947 and signed the draft of the Indian independence Act, 1947.

As per the Act, the appointed day of the Act is 15 August 1947, and that’s the reason India Celebrates its Independence day on the same day. And this Act stands for the End of British Rule.

The major changes this Act brought was

  1. Dismissal of Viceroy: – Viceroy was the representative of the King of Britain and also acted as Governor-general of India. And after this Act, there was no need for Viceroy India because India was free from British Rule. So the position of Viceroy was dismissed.
  2. Governor General Position was maintained for some time: – During the transition period of India from Britain’s rule to its independency. India was still in need of a Governor General, So a Cabinet was appointed to suggest the person for the position of Governor General.
  3. Division of Dominions: – as this Act had provided provisions for the Division of the Nation into two Dominions, one of which was India and another one was Pakistan. And both dominions can have a common governor general or can have separate governor general.
  4. India became Dominion: – as before this Act, India was Britain’s dependency but after this Act India was declared Britain’s Dominion but India was never a protectorate of Britain.
  5. Government of India Act, 1935: – after the appointment of this Act the big question which was there was how India will be governed while the Constitution was under preparation. So India was governed by the Government Act, of 1935. And Indian Constitution adopted various provisions from the same Act.
  6. Power of Constitutional assembly: – the powers were also mentioned in the Indian Constitutional assembly under which constitutional assembly can make any law or can pass any amendment and can also dismiss the Government of India Act, 1935.

As India is fully free and independent but there is still something that cannot be denied: India’s head of State was still the Crown of Britain. That’s why India was the dominion of Britain but except that India is fully Independent.

The Prime minister declared that 14th August would now be observed as Partition Horrors Remembrance Day. 75 Vande Bharat trains will connect different parts of the country in 75 weeks to mark the ongoing ‘Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav’.

Vande Bharat, the indigenous semi-high speed train set, is being given a boost, with the Railways gearing to roll out at least 10 of them, linking around 40 cities, by August 2022 to commemorate 75 years of Independence.

India which can also be called “The Golden Bird” is now celebrating its 76th Independence day and its 75th Independence year of 15th August 2022 but as with a new year and with new opportunities and challenges we cannot forget how we get freed and what was the toll of this independence day and we cannot repay that, the only thing we can do is acknowledge the sacrifices our freedom fighters made and what legacy they left for us.

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