India is a place where Article 14 of the Indian Constitution holds high importance under which everyone should be treated equally in front of the law and everyone should be provided with equal protection from the law and to make sure that the VIP’s light which used to be on the head of the vehicle so that everyone can make way for the VIP vehicles.

There were two types of Light red and blue light and as time goes government observed that the light was creating some kind of discrimination so the Indian Government passed a law to prohibit the use of VIP lights except for ambulances and some officials so they can proceed to their work as efficient as possible, and the main goal of this law was to prevent discrimination but the question was did the government achieved the goal behind this act?

But the result is very disappointing because when u go on a drive you will see that now there is a new trend around where some people are driving a vehicle with a horn which makes sound exactly same as the light make, which causes confusion between the sounds of the siren of the ambulance or an official vehicle due to which other vehicles had to give way to such vehicles.

Can we say that this is equality, I don’t think so because this is abuse and one should be punished because having a horn making a similar sound should be treated as one who is pretending to be an official and should be charged under Section 170 of Indian Penal Code which is Personating a public servant and should be punished as per the provided by the provision.

Because consider a situation where you are going on a road and you hear a siren of an ambulance when you get aside a sees the vehicle and it turns out to be a vehicle which has horn as same sound of siren of ambulance shouldn’t it be considered as cheating.

This is not equality where a person can pretend to possess the siren isn’t it should be considered an offense but the most regretful thing is the volunteers (karyakarta) of the ruling party are also promoting this act even other many political leaders so how this can be equality because simply not everyone is being treated equally by law so it won’t be wrong to say that act is such should be considered a violation of Rule of Law.

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