“Outside the home” this place considers the most unsafe place for the women of India and, maybe, all over the world. But, that’s true? or all sayings are not more than an assumption. We, the Indian women, are decorated with several rights like; the right to equality, the right to freedom, the right to opportunity, etc. Yet, all of them are just bookish words. Legal rights cannot do anything if society won’t take them seriously. We learn from childhood ‘how to sit’, ‘how to stand’, ‘how to talk’, ‘how to dress’, and ‘how to live like a girl. The whole family’s dignity lives in our hands, only in our (women’s) hands. Every girl feels these things once in her life. It’s definite.

Some people see me as absurd when they get to know “I am a feminist” as something is wrong with me not with them. Being “sexist” is, okay? Perhaps, they don’t know “feminism word” has come from “sexism”.  Some people call feminism cancer. But, in my opinion, they call it cancer because some women misuse the word “feminism”. They use the word “feminism” for their personal or wrong benefits. Therefore, it should be called “fake feminism”. And, I also abide this feminism as a cancer the society. There’s a small line between becoming a real feminist and a fake feminist. Women should understand this line.

I oppose some women who misuse their legal rights. But, countless needy women don’t get a single benefit. And a woman who misuses denigrates the other women. They should understand not to do that again.

We can see these cases where men falsely accused by women.

Indore Case 2021

In the Indore case, a girl reported a false case where she told she was kidnapped by two men and raped by three men. After raping, she was thrown by filling in the jute bag. Not only that, but also she stabbed herself to show everything that happened in reality. After searching several times, police got this is a made story by a girl rather than police got nothing in the place told by girl.

Lalitpur Vishnu Tiwari Case 2000

Like the other cases, Vishnu Tiwari was also accused of rape and beating 5 months pregnant lady. The lady along with her husband filed a complaint against Vishnu Tiwari. He was arrested when he was only 23 years and prisoned for 20 years. He wasted his life’s 20 years.

Minor daughter accused father of rape 2017

This news melted people’s hearts at that time. How could a father do this to their daughter? Society started to abide him as a pervert. Nevertheless, sometimes later, people got this was a false case. The girl was provoked by her maternal uncle to do this. The father was prisoned for three years until proven right. But, the maternal uncle got only one month in jail and was fined, 50000 INR. This is a heartbreaking story.

These are three cases and there are many more cases like this where a man has to be suffered for doing nothing. Innocent men have to suffer because of false cases.


When a woman suffers in reality, she should have to suffer. She never gets justice easily. She has to suffer a lot. I never support a man who has a misogynistic thought process also a woman who is like that.

So, there are also cases where women victim never got justice or if she got when it is too late. I show you two popular cases which will wrench your heart.

Picture this.

Nirbhaya Case[1]

This case took 7 years 3 months 4 days for the judgment. The victim had also died. She got justice rather late. It is heartbreaking.

Hyderabad Rape case

There’s another case concerning a doctor who was gang-raped when she was going to her home at night. And burned by convicts. This is a blood-boiling incident.

All these are insane activities. Sporadically, it is not about gender. It is about mentality or the privilege they get.

We live in a patriarchal society where we get a lot of money in the name of dowry. But, this money cannot complete our education, and cannot fulfill our dreams. But, when a girl is born the whole family thinks, how would they collect the money for dowry instead of how would they educate their daughter. That’s farcical. Not only that, but also people don’t want to educate their daughters because they think their daughters would be corrupt.

Men who think patriarchy is the best thing. They are less appealing to me than all others.

We ‘the glorious women’ shared 48℅ in the number of 100℅ and this data can be increased if you (some social evils) left the work of female infanticide. The number 48℅ played a great role in the success of our country. Some misogynists fear giving us an opportunity because if we would give our lives to the country how will they tinch our flesh.

You know the funniest thing about every woman goes through once in her life is that “she cannot walk in western clothes or skin showing clothes in the roads. But, a man can urinate here proudly. Can you tell me which thing is more shameful? This thing seems normal, but if you would feel. It’s a big deal.

The world is full of assumptions. And, I have also written an assumption. Nothing is wrong with the female category except that they were born.

“Approximately, five years ago from when I was studied in 12th standard. I used to go to the coaching classes, which is usually a very normal thing for all genders. I returned at 7 p.m. And my mom was in concern until I returned safely. That concern makes my eyes wet. If I were a boy, I assume mom freely uses to do her chores.” I know, this is a little dramatic but this is how a woman feels.

We can see the millions of facts that shows how society see the girls and women!

There is a girl whose name is Mohini. She got admission in 1 standard. She studied with her 10 friends. Gradually, she came in 12th standard. But, now, she is alone. Her all friends left study. We can see the changes in people’s mentality. They did not know the importance of the female education. People do this in rural area most.

No story melts our hearts but reality. You can see thousands happening of thousands of heartbreaking moments. Some people hardly believe in patriarchy. They don’t allow their daughters to make decisions for the family, on the contrary, they take their daughter’s decisions also. Typically, people fear sending their daughters outside. They prevent their daughters to go outside instead of teaching their sons to respect women.

Thus, there are many things to concern about, but I have to stop my pen for now. I am not saying all men or women are like this. But, a few people affect many lives.

I feel warmth when the broad roads can be able to make people broad-minded.


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