Nepotism; is it bad?

India is a place where Nepotism has been a big part of our society from the beginning of time as we consider history we have been seeing that a king’s son who is a prince always becomes the king after his father and that’s how it’s been for a very long time of our society, but it stopped when people realize it’s not important that King’s heir will be good king as well.

Nepotism literally means when a person who has the power or high influence and favors his own family or friends over others is called nepotism. And the question today we are going to discuss is whether nepotism ended. Or is it still there in society?

So recently nepotism has been a big part of everyone’s discussion and while this discussion was happening everyone observed that, yes there is nepotism, and actually in every profession like if you are a lawyer you will have great support if your father is also one which will help you to have a stable carrier in litigation, same goes for doctors if your father is a doctor you will get a great amount of credibility because of your father’s medical practice.

So, one thing you cannot deny is yes, nepotism does exist in society not in the same way maybe but it does. And if your family is not in the same profession you will face more struggle than those who are the heir of someone’s heritage in the profession and which may lead you to feel the victim of discrimination or frustration due to facing more struggle than those who enjoy benefits from nepotism and no matter how much you struggle you won’t be able to cop up with the success of the one who benefits from the nepotism.

But is it actually bad?

To be fair, life is not fair, and it’s no one’s fault that they were in the same field as their parents to be more clear the one who enjoys the benefits of nepotism is the son of the person who did struggle to make a carrier good enough so that his or her heir does not have to struggle as much as he or she did. So how is this bad?

If you father committed a crime you will be recognized as a son of a criminal and this will stay as same for long time. And if your father is in-depth you are equally liable for the repayment of that depth as your father so in simple terms, if you are obligated to fulfill your parent’s liability why is it wrong to enjoy the benefits of struggle which your parent did to provide you a safe and stable future?

 As someone said we don’t choose the home in which are born and we do not get to choose our family but one thing we can choose is what we have to offer if we don’t get the equal benefits as others work hard enough to make sure the generation of your can avail them because of you and always remember if someones can do it you can too but comparing yourself with someone is not a wise choice because everyone has different types of struggle in their life.

Struggles faced by the beneficiary of Nepotism

Everyone has to face struggles in their life like if you are in the same profession as your father and get benefits of nepotism you have to go through the road of pines to make your own name or create credibility for yourself.

And most of the biggest struggle is that you will always be known as the son or daughter of your parents, so making name for your own will always be a struggle for you. It will take a longer time and you will always be under pressure to maintain the image which your successful father made for him/her selves.

So saying, it was easy for them or judging them for the professional position which they have because of nepotism is not right because they may be enjoying the benefits of nepotism but they face the struggle as much any other may be different but their own, and no one should posses the right to judge someone and if you want to prove yourself better, work for it don’t blame the luck.


There is nothing wrong with enjoying the benefits of your parent’s handwork because if you are liable for your parent’s depth and your parent’s financial decisions you still have the right to enjoy the benefits of the same just think of it in this way no one will consider your struggle if your father was not stable or in-depth or maybe unsuccessful then you will be the one who had to face more struggle than others, than why you care if someone judges you for enjoying the benefits of your father successes.

We all work for our family and getting judged for having a successful family is not curse but it’s the struggle which your father/mother pursued on behalf of you so that you could have some easiness in your life.

And as the answer to the question in the title, No nepotism is not wrong, because you cannot deny that everyone comes from different background and that’s the place of your origin and it does not matter what you are made of or where you are from. The only thing matter is what you do and what you make as a legacy for your heirs.

And accept the fact that life is not fair but in place of criticizing your life, the better thing to do is make it full of it don’t waste it spend your life living and enjoy every second of it and create your own name for yourself because one of the biggest tasks of life is making a name for yourself which could be treated as your legacy.

As India’s former late President A.P.J Abdul Kalam once said “consider yourself successful when your signature becomes autograph”. And Nepotism or not it takes time and lots of work to convert a signature to an autograph.

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