Communication is a very essential element in every sector of profession and also in every stage of the profession either it is for education, internship, job or even for promotion but to communicate it is not important you get all the time you need sometimes you are looking to communicate can be busy or may even thing you are not the person who worthy of his time or many various reasons can be there but can these reasons can stop you to communicate?

Obviously no, because even sometimes you don’t get sufficient time to communicate in this kind of scenarios you can use one of the best techniques to communicate with that person and this technique is known as “Elevator speech” or we can call it “Elevator pitch” this is the way of communication in which a person can communicate to another person within 30 seconds.

Elevator speech/pitch:

 As the name states “Elevator speech” it stands for a pitch or speech made within a very small period of time of 30 seconds in which you can be with someone in an elevator so it should be meaningful and friendly and must be able to connect with the one who is receiving it so to do that your speech should be covering the point you want to cover and very short.

So to do prepare a perfect elevator speech/pitch you need to cover the following elements:

  1. Introduction:

First thing you have to make sure that you introduce yourself because if the other person does not remember you, its whole speech/pitch will be meaningless because if the person doesn’t know you how will he react to your pitch or speech.

Example: “Hello, I am Arun Kumar”

  • Little background:

Never forget you are not a VIP or a celebrity and even you are you cannot be sure that others must know you so in that scenario you have to make sure just introducing yourself but also you must tell some little details regarding yourself and about your background but make sure your background must be relevant and short and relevancy of the background must be decided as per the objective of the elevator speech/pitch.

Example: “I graduated from BBDU with L.L.B”  

  • Explanation:

Now, this part is not mandatory but it depends upon the discretion of the person who is making the elevator speech because it’s not important that the person receiving the elevator speech/pitch knows about you or your background so in that case you have to explain about the background of yours or about yourself.

Example: “My University is situated at Lucknow” or “Criminal law as my major subject”

  • Connection:

The most important part of the elevator speech/pitch is to create a connection with the person who is receiving the elevator speech/pitch because you may not be the only person asking for the same thing but the best way to create a place in his memory or get recognition in his eyes is to create a connection which should be short and appropriate and relevant to your objective.

Example: “I have heard a lot about your law firm I read a lot about it and that there is a vacancy for interns”

  • Ask:

In many situations the pitcher while making the pitch forgets to ask for the thing for which he was making the pitch it could be due to many reasons like lack of time or due to shyness of asking a favor or any other reason, but it is very important that while making elevator speech/pitch who ask for which you are making this speech/pitch because without it your elevator speech/pitch’s objective will be hard to achieve.

Example: “I am looking for an internship I would love to connect with you and find out how to apply”

  • Close out:

The most important step is to close out because you only have 30 seconds and no matter what the other person says you should be as kind as possible and get going as being as humble as possible and must close out in a very pleasant way.

Example: “Thank you so much I will certainly stay in touch and I will mail you just after this, nice meeting you”

So by covering all the above essential elements you can prepare a good elevator speech/pitch for which you should practice your elevator speech either in front of a mirror or with a partner but make sure you practice your elevator speech/pitch before making it in front of the person for whom this pitch/speech was really made.

Example of an elevator speech/pitch:

 “Hello, I am Arun Kumar, I graduated from BBDU with L.L.B Hons with criminal law as my major subject My University is situated in Lucknow, I have heard a lot about your law firm I read a lot about it and that there is a vacancy for interns, I am looking for an internship I would love to connect with you and find out how to apply.”

Whatever reply you may get.

“Thank you so much I will certainly stay in touch and I will mail you just after this, nice meeting you”

It is especially important that you stay humble and polite and make sure your speech is short and relevant and in an appropriate manner only then your elevator speech/pitch may help you to achieve your objective so you must make sure you consider the following elements before preparing the speech:

  1. What is the objective of speech/pitch?

It is important that clear or set the objective of the speech/pitch.

  • The person you are making this speech to.

It is important to make sure you know enough about the person you are making for the elevator speech.

  • How much time will have to make elevator speech/pitch?

In the case of elevator speech every second matters so you may get 30 seconds or 40 seconds or 20 seconds in that scenario you must utilize every second of the time properly.  

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