Do men need empowerment too?

‘Empowerment’, after hearing this word the first thing which comes to our mind is ‘Women Empowerment’ and it’s quite natural because nowadays there has been a great sense of arousal of the significance of the empowerment of women. In fact the international organizations have also taken the empowerment of women very seriously and it is a point which meant to be taken very seriously because across the world the women have been facing a lot of discrimination, violence in both physical and mental forms and there was an extreme call for their empowerment too.

But the question here arises is that do men also need empowerment? In order to answer this question firstly I would like to emphasize myself on what exactly is the true sense and meaning of empowerment and is there any connection of it with equality of men and women?

When we talk about the concept of empowerment then it is very important to understand that empowerment is a sort of process and it takes time to be completely accomplished. In the process of empowerment, the subject which is to be empowered is provided with resources and all sort of help through which that subject can bring the best out of it and make the best use of those resources and tries to build a better self.

Empowerment comprises of the following things:

Building of the self confidence- This can be achieved by the subject when the subject has the knowledge and also knows how to make the best use of knowledge.

Facing the world- When the subject has the ability to face the people and to acknowledge it a better person and a person who is a capable citizen o four country.

Take stand When the subject becomes capable enough to take stand for it in the society and face the society.

Financial strength When the subject becomes capable to earn for itself without depending others with the help of resources provided to it.

Self realization Last but not the least the most important thing is to have self realization i.e., to recognize your abilities and to have the mental ability and strength to build them up and make the best use of it in the right and correct ways.

These are some of the major points which a empowered subject have within itself. Now while reading these points did this question strike to your mind that, these points are supposed to be conquered by men too? I don’t know about you but it definitely came in my mind.

Yes, I completely agree that women needed the empowerment on larger scale in comparison to men, because talking in context of not only India but many other countries to the women condition is much suppressed then men and actually it won’t be wrong to say that men tries to suppress women and for bringing the women equal to men it is very important to provide them empowerment. But, it would be wrong if men are completely neglected because when we talk about India only then according to United Nations, Sex ratio of India is 108.176 males per 100 in 2020 i.e., 924 females per 1000 males. (48.04% of females and 51.96% of males) which clearly speaks that men are in larger number then women, yes I agree it call upon the need for women empowerment because of killing of female feticides and India has launched a scheme of ‘Beti Bachao Beti Padhao’ for this problem.

There have been launching of many schemes in India in regard to empower women and when we take a sleek peek into those schemes then they are way awesome for empowering women and I’m very proud that India has thought this much about women. I am going to list in a summarized manner few points which are giving a short view in regard to these schemes:

Financial support to the needy women.

Awareness in regard to women education.

Moral support to women.

Giving counseling sessions to the victims of any abuse or assault or any sort of pathetic crime.

Creating special hostels for needy women.

Emotional support.

Better legal aids, etc. many more.

These are very essential for women to provide them support and uplifting them.  When we say that why men don’t get these sources of empowerment then this is a quite usual and factual answer which they might be getting is that they are already empowered and that’s true also because when it comes to boys then a poor family will be sending the boy child to school instead of female child but by saying that we can’t just totally neglecting them.

Reasons why men need empowerment?

Filling the gap

Men do get educated in much larger ratio in comparison to women but still few are left uneducated, why?, because they fall between the gaps of empowered women and empowered men. Government totally neglects them.

Shadowed region

There are few areas in our country where no matter which gender you are you won’t be getting educated because of poverty. Uplifting those areas and creating awareness of education of both men and women should be focused on.

Privileged though in a wrong way

I completely agree that many people prefer to send boys to school instead of girls but by doing that they are somewhere building that mindset of that boy that they are much privileged and somewhere much superior to girls, now you all might be thinking that in this way women need empowerment, not the boys I agree and government also thought it in that way and took many steps too, but have you ever thought that those men whose mindset have already molded in that way that they are way more superior than women what about them, so I think from primary level a basic level information must be given to boys for respecting girls and treating them equal and their much be a scheme for uplifting this thinking of boys.

Confused, let me clear your confusion, by starting a scheme concerning uplifting men’s way of things we are uplifting the men thinking and empowering their minds correctly and positively and at the same time women are getting unlifted so why not?

Empowerment not only means financial stable and all such stuff it also means having a empowered mind with the correct and positive way of thinking which would give fruitful results not only to the person but will also contribute to the Country’s appraisal, so men need this uplifting of the thinking.


Counseling sessions must be there for men too because they might also suffer from various mental stress and it has been said that men are way better at hiding their stress and depression than women. As I have read about the government schemes in regard to women empowerment there have been much emphasis on the mental health of the women whom have suffered a lot and it is needed but that doesn’t mean there should be nothing for men mental health.

It has been seen in men that due to depression they indulged in many wrong habits so it is also very important to think about men mental health too.

There was a case a case where the 16 years old boy committed suicide because he

The police said the boy felt humiliated.

Guwahati: A 16-year-old Assam boy on Friday committed suicide by jumping in front of a train after an informal village court ordered his family to pay Rs 42,000 as fine for allegedly misbehaving with women. Now in this case the boy was not an adult and even though he committed crime he must have gone through counseling with the punishment too because in this way his suicide could have stopped.

Many suicide cases of boys have been observed in India due to arousal of mental issues in boys too. According to a report of Times of India it is clear that there were more men who committed suicide in India than women[1].  The suicide rate of men in India is twice of women.[2]

Sense of equality

We always neglect men and by doing this there will somewhere in their mind a neglected feeling getting deposit which somewhere is very harmful for them and for women too. I know women need empowerment to become equal to men but somewhere men started feeling that they get neglected and now they are not getting equally privileged in case of empowerment, I know that it’s not true because men are somewhere already empowered but it’s all the trap of mind in which the men get trapped. So there are some areas as I have stated above where the men are needed to get empowered for the betterment of society.

Both men and women are equal and it’s a truth which can’t be  denied that from past many years women have been suppressed by men that they need uplifting to great extend.

This empowerment is essential to bring women equal to men and to raise them as a better human being.

But both the women and men are equally important for the societal appraisal so there are few areas where men need to get uplifted and empowered, yes! I agree that men don’t need that extent of empowerment as women but it won’t be wrong to say that they somewhere need it for the betterment of our country.



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