Damnum sine injuria literally means that “Damage without injury” and Damage stands for the loss which is suffered by a person it could be even in terms of money or in terms of reputation or in terms of physical harm and Injury stands for the violation of a legal right of the same person and this maxim is basically applicable where a person suffers loss without any violation of any legal right.

In simple words in some situations where a person suffers a loss due to some action but if there is no violation of any legal right in that scenario this maxim will be applied and where this maxim is being applied no remedy and compensation will be provided as a remedy

As it was held in the case of GLOUCESTER GRAMMAR SCHOOL case where it was clearly said that if there is no violation of legal right then there is no injury so no remedy will be provided.

 CASES as reference:

Acton V. Bonell[1]

Chesmore V. Richards[2]

Gloucestor Grammar School[3]


[1] https://www.lawkaranconsultancy.in/acton-v-blandell/



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