Crimes that Induced By Religion

The most brutal cause of communal hatred is an enlargement of crimes in various sectors. Communal hatred is making people impatient. They never tolerate any word regarding their religion. However, they never take any step back to condemning other religions.

Case No. 1

Ankita Murder Case: Ankita is a young educated girl. She was harassed by a boy named Shahrukh who constantly stalked her. He was a one-sided lover who wildly troubled her to accept his love. Despite her disowning him every time. He did not leave her. One day, she slept in her house. He came and throw petrol from the window. Then, he put Ankita into the fire causing she was not to accept his proposal. After a troubling five days, she passed away. A few people regard it as a case of ‘Love Jihad. After investigation, an angle of love jihad was found in it. This shows that nowadays, how common to take a girl’s life in the name of religion.

Case No. 2

This news is from the Neemuch district in MP. There is a man who was beating a 60 years old man over his identity. The culprit was the husband of a party corporator. He took him Muslim and beat him dreadfully til death. He said to him to show his aadhaar card to see his religion. The victim was also differently-abled and his name was Bhanwarlal Jain. This incident was captured on camera and went viral on social media. Due to this, the cops policed the entire case and the culprit was now behind the bars.

Case No. 3

This case is a girl name, Nikita. She is a young educated divorced who belongs to Punjab. She shared her story on a News channel. She was telling that she was in touch with a Muslim family who illustrated themselves as modern as they could show. Her mother-in-law said her to marry her son in the name of social security since she had divorced his husband and promised her to would never force her to convert. After this, she married his son. However, three days later they changed her name from Nikita to Nafizah and converted her to Muslim by taking her signature, suspiciously. In the night, her mother-in-law coerced her to sleep with her husband (father-in-law). Therefore, she forced her husband to live apart from his family. They changed their house and started living in a new place. Regardless, her husband also tried to exhort her to sleep with his father for wealth and property. She refused hardly to him. So, he left the house and switched off his cell phone. After waiting one day, she went to the police station to file a complaint. But, the cop was also a Muslim lady. She refused to file a complaint. Hereupon, Nikita tried to suicide outside the police station. So, the police filed the complaint.

The Hindu community plays anti-Muslim songs in front of the mosque and Muslims throw stones during Hindu religious processions. This became a common thing. Furthermore, this is exceedingly inhuman and the work of absent-minded people.


The most monstrous thing people (women) have to undergo is appalling rape cases that are induced by Increasing Communal Hatred Amongst Religions. This is a poison of the era where people are targeting females to maintain their religion’s pride. Some vengeful people also threaten only females. Since females are the easy target in their opinion.

1. Case No. 4

A woman has to endure suffering due to falling in love with a man. She is a Hindu woman who belongs to Gwalior. She falls in love with a man named Raju who took her to a hotel and raped her. After this, he promised her that he will marry her. He married her in the temple near them. Furthermore, he took her to his village Dabra where she had to know his name is Imran Khan and he is a Muslim. She resisted however, they gave her the threat to kill. So, she had been living there. A few times after, they coerced her to convert Muslim by a Maulana and to do Halala. In addition to this, the Maulana raped her as well as her husband’s brother and two men from the family also did this sin to her. Nonetheless, she fled away on 23 April. With the aid of her sister, she reported all things to the police. Half of the family members of the culprit were arrested and so on.

2. Case No. 5

A mahant along with the mob of Hindu people did this ruthless activity. Mahant said these unkind lines about Muslim women which are so heinous to everybody. He said that if any Muslim will endeavor to do any egregious thing to a Hindu girl then they (mahant & mob) will rape Muslim women in avenge. This illustrates the vengeful personality of people which can be harmful to any religion. Words like this are unbearable.

It is so mournful that people are being so unsympathetic toward one another’s religion.

These data tell us that religious crime is enlarging day by day on a scale. People are being aggressive toward other religions. What’s the perception of common people? We can evaluate this survey data.

Are religion crimes enlarging?

83.8% of the participants selected “Yes” as the option which means Yes the religious crimes have increased and 11.29% of the Participants selected “No” as the option and 4.8% of the participants did not answer the question.[1]

What’s the cause of religious crimes?

16.9% of participants choose Media, 21.5% of participants choose Politics, 33.8% of participants selected A specific class of people, 24.61% of participants selected Katarwad/ orthodox, and 3% did not answer the question.[1]

Who’s responsible for the religious crime?

26.9% of participants selected a specific class of people, 6.3% of participants selected Media, 17.4% of participants selected Politics as their option, 17.4% of participants selected Lack of awareness as their option, 28.5% of the Participants selected lack of education as their option and 3.17% did not answer the question[2]. People regard religion-related crimes are increasing every day. People are being orthodox toward religion. Bigoted people are moreover expanding the communal hatred among people. Thus, the common people live happily with each other, however, when they see the news. They felt hostility toward one another. Social media is one of the biggest reasons for it. Posts on social media don’t use reliable sources. It all relies on theories, however, people assume it is concrete and devoid of knowledge regarding it. People become fierce.



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