Whenever we go to the airport some people are standing there and for the protection of citizens and airplanes, when I visited recently to the airport I saw a man arguing with these people and another person came forward and said “how could to be so rude to our soldiers they protect us in front line border” even though that person had good intension from the heart he didn’t know that CISF does not belong to Defense of our country. Then I remembered that I have seen a similar incident on a web series on Netflix, I was shocked that people don’t know what CISF stands for?

As long as defense goes in India there are only three forces that are covered in defense which are the Indian Army, Air force, and Navy. All these forces protect our nation on three grounds, the Army in front of line border, the Air force protecting us in the Sky, and the Navy preventing the attacks which may occur through the sea, but CISF stands? To know that first, we need to know what it stands for the full form of CISF is “Central Industrial Security Force” as the name suggests its basic objective is to protect the Industrial Units so yes it does not protect our Nation officially or have been in front line border.

But still, it prevents our Nation’s Industrial Units, it is Central Armed Police Force that works to protect over 300 industrial units which include government infrastructure and Government projects established and located all over India so in simple words where our Defense protects the Nation from Attacks CISF protects the Nation’s industrial facilities and government projects which is the backbone of Nation’s Economy.

CISF was formed on 10 March 1969 and has active employees of around 1,63,590 its operational jurisdiction extends all over India and this force is Governed by the Indian Ministry of Home Affairs and is constituted by Central Industrial Security Forces Act, 1968. And its headquarter is situated in New Delhi and we have already discussed its parent Company is Central Armed Police Forces.

So in short, we can say that CISF does protect our Nation just not on the borderline or isn’t considered a Defense force of India, CISF protects the important industries and Government projects and they deserve the respect because we can feel free at the airport and our National Industries are safe because of them.

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