An innocent child unknown to any kind of sadness of the world enjoys his life on his plays with the toys uncertain of being the incident which is going to happen with him/her by the family or friend or someone who was trusted by the parents and supposed to take care of the induce the child to come to a room with them and shatters the flower of their innocence by abusing the trust of their parents and give a lifetime scar to the child with which that child will live his/her whole life.

A child who’s the future of the nation and they will be the reason of the growth of our society, children who have the mental state like wet clay and can be drafted easily when it suffers the scar-like sexual abuse by the person who was supposed to treat that child with care as flower shatters that flower, what will be the future of that child what will be the approach of that child against the world and what will the confidence to face the world.

Sexual abuse against child India.

India is the highly populated country where there is a different verity of the religion, casts, and categories but at the end, they all are similar in one thing that sexual abuse is something which is being faced by almost every fourth child in the families and as per the 2018 record of NCRB (National Crime Record Bureau) 109 children get sexually abused every day because as per the data of National Crime Record Bureau 32,608 cases were reported.

But even though many cases were recorded not all just due to some insensible reasons like their so-called family respect or just to maintain the good relations with the offender or sometimes the weirdest reason that parents don’t trust their kids, one question always comes in mind what kind of respect, they are trying to protect by letting someone who abused their child, keep let him walk free.

Child abuse and parenthood.

 One thing which almost all of has learned in our childhood that parents hold as same position to god, they feed us they teach us and they protect us but one thing they often get confused with that sometimes the best way to protect their child is to teach them about the bad touch and the intention of those who may not see the innocence of their smile their intention may not even consider the impact which their action will cause to them.

The economic status of the parents does not play any kind of role in this situations like this because generally even the higher and economically privileged people also try to prevent their family respect if somehow children raise their voice to say something about it, their parents ask them to stay quiet to protect their family respect to keep inside the scream which they wants to take out but their voice gets overpowered by those who were supposed to protect these kids.

Child abusers and their mentality.

It may sound weird or maybe illogical but in most cases, the sexual child abuser is those who were a family member or family friends or maybe teachers of the child or maybe someone who you never would have thought will do something like that because they have the easy access to the child and supposed to take care of the child.

As per the National Crime Record Bureau, 95% of the abusers are the knowledge or the close to the victim or the family and as the cases being increased by the years there has been no reduction in these cases like in 2014, the total number of cases of child sexual abuse were 8,904 but in 2015, the cases were increased to 14,913 and it is just because some parents believes that offender is also family and let him go this time they don’t think that the person who is doing such an act like this to a child, letting him walk free will only motivate him.

Child’s sexual abuse in the legal aspects.

India’s legal system may have been failed in protecting society from various offenses but child abuse cannot be one of them because a law was passed to protect the child from the sexual offenses called as Protect Child From The Sexual Offences Act in which they covered all the possible aspect of this crime and a project was passed by government named as childline which was governed by juvenile justice(protection and welfare of children) Act,2015 which was supposed to aware all the institution and trained them so that they can communicate with children regarding the way of touching generally known as “Good touch and bad touch”.

And as there are many laws which are governing the various institutions or promoting the prevention of sexual offense against children and legislature make sure that the offender gets as deterrent punishment as possible and prepared a Special Courts to deal with the issues relating POCOSO.


No matter how much cases has been increasing in the current scenario one thing we have to be sure that law has not been other than anything except being sincere to provide justice and protect society from the sexual abuse and has been drafting laws and has set up the other organizations like childline and other projects for the prevention of children from sexual offenses.

But one thing which we cannot deny that in a children’s life parents are the most important people and they are the only one who possesses the closest relationship with children and only they can know when and what children are going through even though everyone has very busy life parents has to give as many efforts as possible because protecting children of their own and just to protect the respect of family or some so-called dignity of a family cannot be ever more important but just to prevent them we cannot let these monsters get to those innocent children because they are the true future of this country what they have faced will always return because “a person can only give what he has”. 

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  1. G C Shukla says:

    Some strict and exumplary judgement for punishing to such culprits must be awawrded

  2. Tripti Shukla says:

    The only reason why child abuse is alive today, is because we as adults fail our children when we fail to listen to them. Listen to a child today!

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